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Online Payment Accepted

Link with IRISE ICT


  1. Login and click on BUY SMS.
    2. Supply quantity of SMS you need, select payment option and click SUBMIT. 
    3. Follow instructions then click MAKE PAYMENT.

    For Online payment with ATM CARD:
    a. Choose your CARD type (Interswitch, Mastercard, Verve, etc).
    b. Supply CARD NUMBER (16 or more-digits printed on CARD usually above your name).
    c. Select CARD EXPIRY DATE: e.g 03/16 means March 2016.
    d. Supply your CARD PIN (known to you - the PIN you type on Bank ATMs). Typing on keyboard is auto-disabled, you'll use on-screen keypads i.e clicking on number pads (INTERSWITCH GATEWAY). 
    e. Supply CVV2 (Card Verification Value) number - usually the last 3 digits behind your ATM CARD then click PAY. 

    You can choose from a variety of payment options. We make sure that you are never short of options in this area. 
    Bank details are given below:

    GUARANTY TRUST BANK (GTB) with Account Name: GRAND LAUREATE GLOBAL NWK LTD, Account Number: 0534115749


     Call 08064297522, 08086288104 or 09033233011 for clarification. Thanks.
           Note: When making payment, please indicate by using your username as the depositor and by giving remarks with it. Kindly call before/after deposit or transfer. 
          Thank you for choosing GOOD4USMS. We'll be glad to serve you.